What’s Up Dog?


What’s Up Dog?

Viola and her posse 🙂

Little Trophy

My greatest achievement, Viola Angela 🙂

The Resurrection

I haven’t touched this thing for a while. Giving birth, taking care of the baby, going back to work has all been a blur and given that I will have time to write… Continue reading

Project 365 Day 35: I Love Notebooks

A new notebook!!!! 🙂

Project 365: Day 34: A Rose By Any Other Name

Project 365 Day 33: Eastwood

I was in Eastwood last night to indulge in some shopping therapy. 

Project 365: Day 32 Indulge Me

Early morning Mcdo. I know soda and fried foods are unhealthy for my baby, but c’mon!

Project 365 Day 31: This Clown Makes Me Happy

Clown Ice Cream!

Project 365: Day 30 Viola, The Flower

A half-done oil pastel on a viola flower.