It’s A GIRL! :)

Darth Vader or Princess Leia? Wrestling or Ballet? The latest Kobe shoes or 3 inch platform stilettos from Blahnik? These are the questions that have been bothering me since I found out I was pregnant, aside from impending bills, weight gain and hormones, the thing I worried most was SHOPPING!


Whenever I would be in shopping malls, I would get frustrated because I would be too big for the clothes that I would normally buy so I would go into the baby section trying to do the whole mommy thing. Because of the XX chromosomes I possess, I would naturally be gravitated to the pink and fluffy ballet dresses or the jewel encrusted dresses with leopard lining. And then I would be drawn to baby basketball shoes and shirts with cars and dinosaurs. I would’ve bought those things, I only had one problem: I didn’t know if it’s a boy or a girl! I didn’t know what to buy!


I know I should not encourage stereotyping but who would want a baby boy prancing around in a tutu? It was really confusing and it came to a point when I finally understood why pregnant women gain so much weight: WE CAN’T SHOP! Instead of buying the newest “It” shoes or getting my baby clothes, I would just comfort myself with a box of pizza. 


As my tummy grew bigger, so did my frustration. It’s difficult when there would be so many conflicting beliefs about how to tell the gender without an ultrasound. My nose got bigger: It’s a boy. I didn’t bloat: It’s a girl. My tummy is low: It’s a boy. I do my make-up more often: It’s a girl. At one point, I even thought that I might have twins because of all the different “signs” that people kept pointing out to me. 


Yesterday, I finally found out. During the ultrasound, I was trying to decipher what the pixels were telling me. The doctor said that “It’s a girl” and I really can’t see how she can tell from the combination of black and white dots on the screen. And my boyfriend said “It’s a girl”. I just had to ask the doctor to make sure. It wasn’t that I didn’t want a girl, I just don’t want to buy lots of pink and lilac stuff and end up with a boy questioning my love and sense of taste.  And yes, after zooming in on the baby, indeed it IS a girl.


I’m gonna have a girl! 


P.S. There goes my closet space.Image