So Long Childhood


Dear Childhood Teddy, 

I’m sorry that I will have to leave you behind. Growing up is cruel, it forces you to abandon what you have grown to love and depend on. I swear that not a day will go by when I won’t be thinking about you. I still remember the day you came into my life. It was my 11th birthday and some of the family friends dropped by to give presents. I never really paid much attention to you since I have mountains of stuffed toys accumulated from being the fifth brat in a family of spoilers. What I don’t remember is how I came to depend on you little by little. 

Whenever I had a bad day, you were the perfect sized item to hug and you were good enough to absorb any tears that may drip out of my eyes. Before I knew it, I couldn’t sleep without you. I wouldn’t dare go on vacation without you being stuffed in a corner of my bag. I would even raise hell if my mother would insist that I don’t put you on my carry-on baggage. 

Through every stage of my life henceforth, you were there waiting on my bed at the end of the day. You were just the cure to heartbreak and hangovers. Hugging you would bring me back to the reality that everything would be okay. And now, I have to leave you behind. I will have to accept the fact that it’s just not right to be cuddling a teddy bear instead of my own child. I know that you will understand, as you always have. And I hope one day, when my baby is old enough, she will love you the way that I do. Goodbye for now.

I love you,