Heaven is Cheesy Bacon Fries

Project 365 Day 2: 


Happy 420 everyone. Yes, I will join the damn bandwagon and say that. I can’t participate in any celebrations of this magical day but I assure you, I’m ENJOYING all the effects of happiness 🙂


Specific food cravings at odd hours of the day AND night? CHECK

Disorientation? CHECK

Distorted Perception? CHECK

Highly intense emotions? CHECK

Hallucinations? CHECK

Sleepiness? CHECK


SEE? you guys can only have this high for today. I have been going through it for 6 months and I have another 3 to go. 

Actually, I’m just a little bitter I can’t join… *sigh*


Oh yeah, photo is of the cheesy bacon fries from KFC that I have been dreaming about.