Project 365: Day 4 My Desk

I had my study desk cleared out the other day. I found stuff from the FIRST grade stuffed in there. I decided that it was high time that I grow up. My old desk where as a kid, I learned to write my ABCs, did my homework in elementary, wrote sappy love letters in high school, filled up application forms to colleges, slaved over papers in colleges and arranged my government forms for my work.

I found old poems, love letters, pictures, tickets to movies, clothes receipts and all those knick-knacks that make up my life. I had a sudden rush of emotions. I laughed, I cringed, I sighed, I cried. I almost didn’t go through with having my stuff thrown out.

Those trashbags of accumulated junk? Yeah, I was holding on to them as if they were the last tube of sour cream pringles ever produced. Thank heavens for my brother’s black cat.

He jumped up and started posing on my desk! That certainly brought me back to reality. I guess I’ve been through so much lately that I don’t get my emotions in line. To me, that desk represented 23 years of memories but the damn black cat thinks it’s just a lovely place to play and be alluring.

I’m sure I’ll find a new way to use that desk. In three months, my little angel will be born. Maybe I can save it up for her when she’s growing up and she’ll have the same problem I’m having once she decides she’s all grown up too. In the meantime, I’m filling it up with all my make-up and accessories.

*photo of my brother’s cat Stewie*