Project 365: Day 5 Kitty Socks!

Project 365 photo of the day: Kitty Cat socks

One of my best friends, Ghia dropped by yesterday. We were supposed to go to Nuvali. We ended up going to La Mesa Dam (it was already closed, but we found a way inside), then I brought her to Tri Month Shawarma Co in Lagro. We decided to get our nails done in Chic Nails at Don Antonio but they were fully booked for the night and so we crossed the street to TOPS- The Off-Price Store. I found a pair of lavender Cats eyes sunglasses and the socks in the photo!

I lovelovelove it!!!! 🙂 I’m glad my baby’s going to be born during the rainy season, at least she’ll have an excuse to wear these because personally, I HATE socks. Hahaha. I’ll save that for another post.