Project 365: Day 7 Happy Birthday Dulce!


I dedicate today’s photo to Dulce Cruz of Ring Central HR. It’s her birthday!!!!


I owe a lot to this woman. Who would’ve thought that last year we were working for rival accounts (nightshift, outbound sales accounts – sorry recruitment speak) but she’s the type of person who doesn’t think much of the competition and instead is just out to help people in need. 


When I was already on the verge of a breakdown from stress and health problems last year, she was the angel that approached me to give me a way out of my ordeal. I am really happy with my work right now. It’s the type of job that people will kill for with the kind of boss that everyone would fight to have. And I owe this happiness to Dulce. 


Sometimes, I don’t know if she is aware of the impact that she has had on my life but I hope that one day I will be able to repay her in any way I can. So yes, Ate Dulce: I LOVE YOU!!! Happy Birthday 🙂

Oh, and sorry for the picture, you wouldn’t put down your phone.