Project 365: Day 9 Pecha De Peligro


For those of us mere mortals who have to work to live in this sadistic & materialistic world, payday is what makes us leave our homes 5 times a week to work for 9 hours in places 2 grueling hours of commute away. Getting that hard earned (?) money provides us with the ability to sustain ourselves, our families and our pride. We spend at least 16 years studying so that we could one day be productive citizens of the nation, duly paying our taxes to the government. 

Having been only working for 2 years, I fear that my observations of the corporate world is incomplete but I know one thing is for sure. The phenomenon of “Pecha de Peligro” is something to be scared of. This is defined as the days preceding the next payday. It is when suddenly, people either start avoiding each other to prevent others from borrowing money from them or turn into the very people I have just mentioned are avoiding. I cannot count how many times I have shuttled from the one lending money to the one borrowing. 

Pecha de peligro is the time when restaurants near offices are almost empty and the pantries in the company building are brimming with people and their lunches that they brought from home. It also seems that the vending machines are always full of soda while the free water dispensers are in dire need of refilling. And yes, it is Pecha de Peligro in our company. With the salary to be released on Monday, people don’t seem to have any plans to go out on  a Friday night and are going to spend the weekend on stay-cation. 


I, for one, am going to the mall after shift to window shop. Hey, just because I don’t have any money doesn’t mean that I have to suffer the indignation of self exile and pity at home. I am just praying that I won’t spend any money from my savings account. I MUST stay strong! Although, as can be seen in the photo, my body spray bottle is running low on liquid. Oh, whatever. 


*photo of the day: 

Etude House Pink Water, Paula’s white flower & my bottle of grape juice. ALL in desperate need of refilling.