Project 365: Day 10 Big Feet, Little Feet

When I confirmed my pregnancy with my doctor, one of the first things I asked her was “Until when can I wear my high heels?”. I know it is a very selfish, shallow and unmotherlike question, but c’mon! I’m pretty much still a kid. I don’t really have much of a bank account to show for my barely 2 years of corporate enslavement because I invested in clothes, accessories and SHOES!

You can ask any of my friends how fast my decision time is when it comes to deciding buying a pair of shoes: it ranges from 1.5 seconds for a spur-of-the-moment-I’m-stressed buy to 3 days when I realized I couldn’t sleep because of a shoe I passed by in a mall 5 cities away from my house. Being a commuter, I have to wear flats or flipflops when going to work but I carry at least 1 pair in my bag and I have a stash of shoes at work.

Heels were my passion when I started working. Nothing said “grown up” more than. 3 inch stilletos. For every occasion, I bought shoes and sometimes if I didn’t feel like my shoes matched my outfit, I’d run to the nearest store to buy a pair. Thus, my collection, although far from Imeldific, grew to a sizeable number. And so when I found out I was pregnant, I realized that my babies would have to give way to a real one.

Now, I’m ALWAYS wearing flats or sandals. Yes, it’s so un-corporate but hey! I have to be very careful and not slip and fall. Admittedly, there are times when I would look at my collection and sigh for the old times. I miss the feeling of entering a room announced by the clacking of my shoes. I miss the height and the posture provided by the heels. Sometimes I feel like a duck because I’m so unused to the flat sandals I have to wear.

Sometimes I do get depressed when I pass by my old haunts that it came to a point that I stopped going to malls. It saddened me that I couldn’t just go into a store, point at the shoes that I want and pay for it. Then last night, while shopping for baby stuff, I saw a baby version of the sandals I was wearing. Then, like the epiphany of Cher in Clueless, it hit me: me and my daughter will have the most fabulous time picking out shoes together!

I began daydreaming of all the shoes that we’d be wearing. First, matching mommy-daughter shoes, then she’d start borrowing my shoes and I’m pretty sure we’ll fight about that someday but I’m still pretty excited! I seriously wanted to buy the gold sandals last night but I had to hold back because I wouldn’t want to regret buying 30 pairs and it ending up unworn. So yes, my love for shoes is back and it’s coming with a vengeance!!!