Project 365: Day 11 Forcefeeding Kids

I have no idea why parents force feed their kids. I’m pretty sure once my kid is born, I will understand why it is a must that children have to be fattened up as though they are about to be sacrificed to a hungry, forgotten god. Yes, I know all about the nutritional needs of humans in the crucial developmental stages that is childhood, but sometimes parents can go CRAZY!

I’m writing this while my family is at a rest stop here in NLEX. I’m not hungry and although I am already 23, my parents feel it is still their duty to stuff me with all the food that they can get their hands on. I’m betting all my money, I will be asking for another rest stop once we’re on the road just to puke all of these out.

My nephew has been eating a lot the whole day! Several slices of pizza, a bag of chips and countless cookies for merienda and bites of different food in between lunch and said meal time were consumed by my nephew and yet my sister just HAD to scream at my nephew to finish a big-ass plate of rice, chicken and lumpia.

The picture I took is of my poor nephew’s expression while being nagged by his mom to eat more. When I was a kid, I hated it whenever I would be told off by my parents to eat when they know damn sure that I was still full. I mean, what the hell? I knew my limits and surely, all kids do too. And what happens when I puke in the middle of a road trip? They will scold me for eating ice cream from three meals before.

I swear, when my baby is born, I will try my best to stop this force feeding habit. She’ll eat the required number of times a day but if she doesn’t feel like beating the world record for eating the most number of plates of rice, she can chill I won’t get on her case for that. Besides, I can always infuse what she’s eating with all these crazy ass vitamins parents give their kids. But, I’m pretty sure I’ll change my tone once I am a mom.