Project 365: Day 12 Oh Hello, Camel

I’m extremely hungry but I can’t eat because I’m waiting for the doctor to arrive for my pre-natal check-up. Forgive the word vomit/brain farts I’m about to emit.

New dream: to ride a camel and sing “My Humps”. That would be awesome. I had to make do with saying hi to this camel. Wouldn’t it be cute if my baby girl is a toddler and wearing a sari and big shades while riding a camel? Hmm.. I suddenly have an idea for her 5th birthday party 🙂

I’m sure camels are not native to this country, so I’m wondering what language this camel understands. I’m operating on the belief that animals have their own language systems and I want to know if a camel from their native middle east would understand a camel born in captivity in another country. Are they like us when we meet foreigners and end up signing everything we want to say? Do they play their own Wittgensteinian language games and have misunderstandings like us?

And yes, I’m still hungry as hell and I will eat a damn camel if the doctor doesn’t show in the next 10 minutes.