Project 365: Day 13 Orange Sky Above


Try to forget what’s in the past
Tomorrow is here
Orange sky above lighting your way
There’s nothing to fear

– Fresh Feeling by Eels

I’m pretty sure everyone else has already posted something about today’s sunlight. It’s eerily beautiful. This picture of the orange sky is fresh from the camera and I just want to put this out there that this is unedited. This is a view of our side garden from the lanai.

I have nothing much to say today. It is just another day of healing for me.

As they say: 

“One day at a time”

I always rush into decisions as I do with everything in life. In all this pain that I am going through, I learned the value of thinking through something. Someday, all will be well with my life. It may be far off, but I know I will get there.