Things To Do After I’ve Given Birth

1. Sleep on my stomach – This “lie on your left side for better circulation is killing me”

2. Have my hair treated – I am an unwilling victim to the damned Ombre Hairstyle currently in vogue

3. Get a deep tissue massage – pregnancy massages are OK at best so, bring on the pain!

4. Exercise – I NEED to get my pre-baby body back and fast!!!

5. Smoke – I think I’ll have to wait until I stop breastfeeding for this one

6. Drink a bottle of tequila all by myself – Same with #5

7. Ride a jeepney – I miss the freedom of commuting. Even the heat and the hassle… NOT!

8. Wear 3-inch stiletto heels for a week – Even at home! I miss my original babies 😦

9. Run – Even for a few minutes, I want to run fast and not worry

10. Slather on some suntan lotion – If I didn’t go to the beach this weekend, I’d be as pale as a ghost

11. Drop stuff and pick them up on my own – Again, and again and again.

12. Start a new project 365 – This time, for my baby. But I’ll keep it private 🙂

13. Start a very healthy, fat-free diet – YEAH RIGHT!

14. Eat isaw in UP – and not feel guilty about it

15. Learn to cook – I need to start being a stereotypical mom (as if)

16. Get back to work – with a vengeance! no more slow poke pace and asking favors!

17. Go to a really loud concert – note to self: pay yaya higher for loyalty

18. Get teeth whitened – damn iron vitamins stained my teeth!

19. Make a scrapbook – not just about my baby but about my life (so she’ll get to know her mommy)

20. Blog/status on FB/tweet about my birthing experience – the most important one!


I’m sure I will have a lot more that I would think about doing but I’m too hungry to finish this list today. I’ll probably update this once in a while.