They say nails grow out even after death but science has proven that it only seems that way because dehydration of the body causes the skin to push back and make it appear as though the nails have grown. This made me think of the possibility that future archaeologists might stumble upon my grave and use me as the sample for our civilization.

For day 15 of my project 365 I posted a photo of the pathetic state of my nails. I mentioned in the caption that accompanied the photo that a lot can be told about a person based on their nails. Today, I saw this photo on one of my geek websites and I honestly, I have been guilty of being all of them at one point.

Personally, I’ve never had a set pattern when it comes to my nails. Sometimes I would go to nail salons twice in a week, spending thousands to indulge myself. Other times, such as where I am at the present, I would go for weeks without even cutting my nails.

In my job as a recruiter, appearance plays an important part. And as they say “it’s all in the details”. A well-dressed applicant with perfect skills and a great personality might have his credibility doubted if he had talons like an eagle. Similarly, it is not very presentable for another applicant to have nail carvings or charms hanging off her nails.

I have even had the displeasure of applicants cutting their nails as I arrive to meet them. But, it’s pretty disgusting when they start biting/playing with their nails while you talk to them. But then again, with my currently unkempt nails, I really do get paranoid about how I am perceived by the people around me.

I have sworn to myself that part of my “growing up” path that I should start a regular nail regimen. No more fancy nail art or caveman nails. I’ll try to keep it simple and clean. Besides, my baby might snag on any fancy nail art I may have put on my nails. Well, actually I really just want any future archaeologists that may find my corpse in the future to not judge me and my nails harshly and have them judge our civilization as not having enough technology to have clean nails.