The Effects of Twitter and Chismis Talk Shows

I’m currently watching The Buzz, a popular show featuring the lives of celebrities here in the third world. This show is amusing in the sense that you get a glimpse of how the beautiful people live out their lives in between the expectations of their Filipino audience and what they actually want to do. It’s when they fail to do so that they get the most airtime.

Today is about babymomma drama, break-ups and perhaps the one that caught my attention the most: a beauty queen on her quest to find the most number of enemies via twitter. I’ve read all the drama on twitter and seriously, it’s really bothering me. Miriam Quiambao seriously found a great set of enemies by attacking the LGBT community. And the best part of it all is she’s using religion as her weapon.

In this kind of society where morality and modernization clash at every opportunity possible, she has picked the best way to garner attention. I’m unsure as to whether she planned it to be as such or she’s just really passionate about what she thinks is right. In my 23 years on this effed-up world, I can say that it is always the best to keep your mouth shut or at the very least, pick your words wisely.

Personally, my opinion on all this homophobic drama is that I don’t really give a shit about homosexuality. I don’t judge a person based on his/her sexual preference. I judge them on who they are. People should bear in mind that a heterosexual is not automatically saved because he/she is “blessed” to have been the “right” gender. I have both friends and enemies from all the colors of the gender rainbow and I chose them from who they are towards others.

A beauty queen basing her righteousness based on the fact that she is one of the “beautiful people” lucky enough to be floating in an untouchable heaven free from prejudice should just try to keep those of us who have to go through life with difficulty should just keep quiet and smile.