“Beyonce Fakes Pregnancy” – WTH?!?!?!



This rumor has yet to die. Honestly, I’m not really supposed to give a crap if Beyonce really did use a surrogate or not. It’s her life/money. As someone who doesn’t pay for her music, I am not entitled to give an opinion on how she lives her life. 


I know that if this rumor is true, she would’ve raked in millions of dollars in publicity and profit from her products (albums, endorsements, clothing, interviews, etc.). It’s just weird that someone would FAKE being pregnant. The hassle of having to buy new clothes and not being able to fit in places you can normally squeeze into is enough for me. I can’t run or jump like I used to. Smoking, drinking and other fun stuff are definite no-no’s and yes, my social life has died and it looks like it’s too Christian to believe in reincarnation.


Keeping up the charade in public would’ve been hell. Faking a pregnancy would be hell for me knowing that I’d be sacrificing a lot and the bump on my tummy would be empty. I have a bazillion complaints about being pregnant but I know that it’s all worth it whenever I think about seeing my little princess one day