I Blog NOT To Get Free Stuff

The Hardest Part Of Being Pregnant?

The boredom. This is the primary reason why I started to blog. I come from a time when blogs weren’t a medium for narcissistic people to get free stuff from “it” stores. I still have faith that there is a small space on the internet left for people to voice their opinions on the most trivial things. 


I started my project 365 just so that I can have a springboard for this thing. I also hope that the boredom plus a blog would be able to revive my love for writing. I graduated with a degree in Creative Writing and I have yet to write a single decent thing in about 5 years. Something happened to me at the time that made me shut off all things related to literature. 


Admittedly, I don’t put much effort in what I’ve posted so far. Similar to my last papers and even my thesis I’ve done this half-heartedly, just so that I can say that I’m doing something in my free time. Sometimes I DO read what I’ve posted and I can’t help but wince. This is not the product of someone who has studied under the best writers the Philippines has to offer. In the coming weeks, I will be slowing down the pace of my lifestyle and I plan to use that time to get my groove back. 


I know writing is not something that can be learned or in my case, re-learned overnight. While my daughter is growing up, and making her small gestures towards full humanity, I hope that simultaneously my love for writing will bloom alongside her. This blog shall be proof of how I achieve that goal and I hope to see some improvement over time.